Specimen of the Month

Mitchell's Satyr

March 2021

Neonympha mitchelliThis endangered butterfly is only found in small, isolated populations in Michigan, Indiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. In the southern portion of its range, it depends on beaver...

Rocky Mountain Locust

February 2021

Melanoplus spretusThis now extinct insect once formed swarms trillions of individuals strong that ravaged farms in the Western United States in the 19th century. Even though the last...

American Burrowing Beetle

January 2021

Nicophorus americanusThe American burying beetle is a member of the carrion beetle family and like others in the group requires carrion for its larvae. This beetle is one of only a...

Pressed fern herbarium specimens

October 2020

Mississippi State Herbarium Specimen number: MISSA001129Collector: A.B. LangloisPhegopteris hexagonoptera — broad beech fern. Collected in the Mississippi Delta north of New Orleans in...

Fugitive's Story by John Rogers - Frank and Virginia Williams Collection of Lincolniana

September 2020

Donated by Frank J. and Virginia Williams. Part of The Frank and Virginia Williams Collection of Lincolniana Collection number #FVW03950 The plaster sculpture depicts abolitionists...

Small hollow clay statue of woman missing a head and feet. The figure is wearing a draped garment with many vertical lines.

November 2019

Object: Terracotta Statuette of Standing Woman Culture: Greek (Hellenistic Period) Date: 200–1 B.C. (3rd century B.C., Cypriot?) Medium: Terracotta with traces of white slip Collection...

Image of rock slab with two Platanus wyomingensis leaves preserved

November 2019

Platanus wyomingensis DSM#10700Green River FormationEarly- to Mid-Eocene (approximately 50 Million years)Wyoming This beautiful specimen was recently donated to the Dunn-Seiler Museum...

Pale blue pastel covered surface with charcoal/pastel drawn nude figure of a woman laying on her right side on top of a sheet.

October 2019

Object Name: Untitled Artist: George Krebs Medium: Pastels on colored paper Date: 1991 Collection: Department of Art Permanent Collection

Large white brush strokes in the shape of a face on a brown background. Drips of white all over..

September 2019

Object: Chevauchée - brun, 1969 Artist: Joan Miró Date: 1969 Medium: Lithograph Collection: Department of Art Permanent Collection

Young child's light blue and white cotton dress with light blue tie at the front. Matching light blue and white cap.

August 2019

  Title: Child's Summer Dress (Sailor-style) and Hat Date: Late 1800s - Early 1900s Material: Cotton Collection: MSU Historic Costume and Textiles Collection Object #: 304 B-0004

Head of Youth or Classical God

June 2019

Object Name: Head of Youth or Classical Deity Culture: Greco-RomanDate: 1st century ADMedia: MarbleCollector: Lloyd RapportCredit: Lois Dowdle Cobb Institute of ArcheologyObject Number...

1980's Chanel Suit

May 2019

Object Name: Women's SuitLabel: ChanelDates/Period: 1980sObject number: 304A-0212Collection: MSU Historic Costume and Textiles Collection Under the design direction of Karl Lagerfeld (...

Ceramic Jar

January 2019

Object: Black Lekythos (oil jar)Culture: Ancient GreekPeriod: Attic (or Calene), c. 350-325 BCEHeight: 14.2 cmDiameter: 8.1 cmCollection: Lois Dowdle Cobb Museum of ArcheologyAcc....

Lace Collar

December 2018

  Object: Lace CollarDate: Early 20th CenturyMaterials: CottonCollection: MSU Historic Costume and Textiles CollectionAcc. Number: 306 E-0002

Ancient Egyptian Ptolemaic Cat

November 2018

  Object: Cat (Amulet)Culture: Ancient EgyptianDate: c. 250 BCE (Ptolemaic Period)Medium: StoneCollection: Lois Dowdle Cobb Museum of ArcheologyAcc. Number: 92D103

Fire Extinguisher by William Griffin

October 2018

Artist: William E. GriffinTitle: Fire ExtinguisherMedium: Oil on canvasDate: 2005MSU Department of Art Collection William Griffin exhibited in the 2004 spring Bachelor of Fine Art...

Balloons by Alexander Calder

September 2018

Artist: Alexander Calder (b. 1898 d. 1976)Title: BalloonsMedium: Color Lithograph PrintDate: 1972MSU Department of Art Collection Alexander Calder was born August 22, 1898 in Lawnton,...

Oscar de la Renta Suit

July 2018

Suit Label: Oscar de la Renta 1980s MSU Historic Costume and Textiles Collection Born July 22, 1931, Oscar de la Renta is a well know fashion designer who maintained a successful and...

Terracotta Head of Woman

June 2018

Title: Terracotta Head of WomenCulture: Greek (Hellenistic Period)Date: 200 BC–1 AD (3rd–2nd century BC)Media: Terracotta (fired clay)Collector: Lloyd RapportCredit: Lois Dowdle Cobb...

White Mulberry, Morus alba L.

May 2018

White Mulberry Morus alba L. Botanical Exploration Herbarium, Mississippi State University This is one of several species of mulberry and is closely related to figs and osage orange....

Fragment of a Roman Column

April 2018

Title: Fragment of Roman ColumnCulture: RomanDate: ca. 100 ADMedia: MarbleCollector: Lloyd RapportCredit: Lois Dowdle Cobb Institute of ArcheologyAccession Number: LR3-78-1

Edwardian Wedding Gown

February 2018

Edwardian Wedding Gown c. 1908 Silk MSU Historic Costume and Textile Collection The square train, candlelight ivory color, and beaded sleeves are characteristic of wedding dresses worn...

Fossilized Turtle Bone

September 2017

These two pieces of fossilized bone may not seem exciting at first glance, but they are the lower jaw of a late Cretaceous (65 million years ago) marine turtle.  Dunn-Seiler Museum...


August 2017

The Dunn-Seiler Museum recently received a very large bequest (approximately 5,000 mineral specimens) from professional geologist, William Frier.  This particular geode specimen from...