Science Night at the Museums Returns Spring of 2022!

February 19, 2022

Science Night Feb 19 2022

UPDATED 2/12/2022

We are so excited for the return of Science Night at the Museums! The event will take place Saturday, February 19th 2022, 5pm-8pm in Hilbun Hall and the Cobb Institute on the Mississippi State University Campus.

Masks are required for all indoor demonstrations. Please be ready to wear a mask indoors. Some of our events will be held outdoors as well!

The event will feature museum exhibits, science demonstrations, and activities for people of all ages. In addition, we are partnering with Starkville Strong's Youth Coalition and a local Girl Scout Troop for a food drive and raffle during the event! Donations of non-perishable foods or unopened toiletries earn you a chance to win prizes from local businesses! So far we have donations from the Old Waverly Golf Club, and the Book Mart & Cafe!

  •     3 donated items = 1 raffle ticket
  •     5 donated items = 2 raffle tickets
  •     Monetary donations welcome (credit cards or cash accepted) $5 = 2 raffle tickets
  •     Must be present to win
  •     Four drawings will be held throughout the evening

Check back to this page for updated activity lists and logistical information.

We look forward to seeing you all!

EVENT LIST - Print this list out or find one of our ushers to get a list when you arrive. Ushers will be wearing yellow safety vests.

OUTDOOR Cobb Front Yard
mock excavation
- try your hand at unearthing artefacts just like an archaeologist!  TIME 4:00-6:00pm (until darkness falls)
pottery painting
cave art
gorget making
wishing tree
spine rebuilding competition
Flint Knapping Demonstrations
And more!

Bottle Rocket Launching with the Idea Shop

OUTDOOR Hilbun Hall Courtyard (Hardy Road/Lee Blvd Side)
Trashcano (east): Learn about volcanic explosions with this fun demonstration! Two start times- 5:45-6:05 and 6:25-6:45
Astronomy (west): Telescope viewing
Bug Blues Mobile Trailer (parking spots): All things arthropod!

Hilbun Hall First Floor West:

Geology (Room 112 and 1st Hall West): Fun with Microscopes, Discover Mars, Dunn-Seiler Museum exhibits, Coloring Station
The Singing Weatherman (Room 101): Four start times- 5:10-5:40, 5:50-6:20, 6:30-7:00, 7:10-7:40
Food Drive and Raffle with Starkville Strong and Girl Scouts (1st Hall West): Drop off non-perishables for your chance to win!

Hilbun Hall First Floor East:
Arthropod Zoo (Room 152): Don't miss your chance to hold "The Ambassador" and snack on tasty crickets!
Physics and Astronomy Demos (Room 150 and 1st Hall East): Old favorites and new demos!

Tree Campus (Room 202): Activities to learn about trees in our area
Microbiology (2nd Hall west): Learn about bacteria and view slides under a microscope!
Vet Procedures (2nd Hall mid): Do you want to be a veterinarian? This booth is for you!
Forest Products (Room 216): How do we use woods and manage wood products? Activities and Demos 
Wildlife and Fisheries (Room 250): Projects and activities centered around wildlife

Department of Architecture (Room 304): 3D Printing Demonstrations
Rethink Your Drink with Nutrition (3rd Hall West): How much sugar do your drinks really have?
Broadcast Meteorology Studio (Room 316): Try out broadcasting in front of the green screen
Chemistry Demonstrations (Room 350): Three start times- 5:30-6:00pm, 6:10-6:40pm, 6:50-7:20pm
Mississippi State Herbarium (3rd Floor East): Learn about plants!



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