Paleo Perspectives: Becoming a Paleontologist with Marvin Kunath

October 29, 2020

Announcement for Paleo Perpspectives

Happy National Fossil Day and Earth Science Week!
October 12th-30th the Dunn-Seiler Museum in the Mississippi State University Department of Geosciences will be featuring “Paleo Perspectives: Becoming a Paleontologist” a series of interviews with paleontologists, all of whom are at different points in their careers. Our guests will talk about how they became paleontologists, and tell stories about some of their most exciting discoveries!

Today we continue to get to know the Department of Geosciences current and past paleontology students as we meet Marvin Kunath, recent graduate of the Department of Geosciences Master’s Program at Mississippi State University. Don’t forget to stop back in tomorrow for our final installment of Paleo Perspectives.


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