Museums and Galleries Team Up with Honor College for "Classics Week 2019"

September 6, 2019 - October 9, 2019

Poster showing Hellenistic Sculpture

The Department of Art Galleries and the Lois Dowdle Cobb Museum of Archaeology have joined forces to curate an exhibit showcasing their Greek and Roman collections as part of this year's Shackoul's Honor College Classics Week.  The exhibit "To Hellenistic and Back" will be on display at the Brock Gallery on the main floor of the Old Main Academic Center September 6th-October 9th! The gallery will be open Mondays-Thursdays 7:00am - 11:45pm and Fridays 7:00am - 7:45pm.

This year's Classics Week play will be "The Braggart Soldier", a comedy by Plautus. The performances and free and will be showing the evening of September 24th and 25th at 6pm at the Griffis Hall Courtyard in Zacharias Village, rain or shine! All are welcome! In addition to the play, the Honor College will host a lecture series throughout Classics Week.  For more information about the play and lecture series, please visit

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