Earth as Inspiration: Student Artwork Part I

October 13, 2020

Canyon by Jordan Carpenter
Mikeasaurus by Michael Maloney

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The fields of Art and Science are both based in observation and interpretation of the world around us and are, therefore, much more similar than many people realize.

"Earth as Inspiration" provided our non-major students with an opportunity to explore the natural world through the lens of creativity.

The pieces you see here were created by current Distance Learning students in the Department of Geosciences Physical Geology Lab course. The majority of our students have little to no background in art, though a few are art/design majors. Some found this experience relaxing while others found it to be quite a challenge and we are so proud of the effort put forth by all of the students who participated in this exercise.  The artwork is displayed through the Dunn-Seiler Museum with prior permission from the students.

We hope you enjoy their work as much as we have! Please come back again to see submissions from other Physical Geology students.

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