Don't forget to vote! National Fossil Day 2021 Favorite Dunn-Seiler Museum Fossil

October 11, 2021


Don't forget to make your voice heard and vote for your Favorite Dunn-Seiler Fossil for National Fossil Day 2021!

Tuesday, October 12th is the last opportunity you will have to vote for your favorite fossil! Please watch the four National Fossil Day challenge videos posted previously in "Museum News" and send an email to to let us know which specimen was your favorite!

Post 1: Dr. Varun Paul (stromatolites) and Dr. Athena Owen-Nagel (Hadrosaur)
Post 2: Dr. Christa Haney (petrified wood) and Jackson and Caroline (Crocodile and Triceratops)
Post 3: Tina Davis (Dragonfly), Shri Dash (Mastodon tooth), and Dr. Kelsey Crane (Baculites ammonite)
Post 4: Dr. Mike Brown (Oreodont Skull) and Amy Moe-Hoffman (Basilosaurus backbone)

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