Committee Members

Derek Anderson- Lois Dowdle Cobb Museum of Archaeology Derek Anderson

Chris Ayers- Osteology Collection: Wildlife and Fisheries

JoVonn Hill- Mississippi Entomology Museum

Renee Clary- Dunn-Seiler Museum

Kasee Stratton - TK Martin Center, Marth Lipsey Gallery

Stephen Cunetto - Library Galleries and Archives

Ryan Folk - Mississippi State Herbarium

Kateryna Malaia - McNeel Architecture Gallery

John Guyton- Arthropod Zoo

Shawn Lambert - Cobb Institute of Archaeology

Amy Moe-Hoffman - MGC Committee Chair and Dunn-Seiler Museum

Amelia Rogers - Student Affairs, Student Union Gallery

Lori Neuenfeldt - Department of Art Galleries Manager

Ryan Semmes - Grant Presidential Library and Gallery of Lincolniana

Anna Bales - Student Representative, Student Affairs

Cristi Stevens - Clock Museum and Welcome Center

Beth Stokes (C. Elizabeth)- College of Forest Resources – Cully Cobb Historic Tool Collection

Angelle Tanner - Deptartment of Physics and Astronomy