Committee Members

Derek Anderson- Cobb Archaeology Derek AndersonEmail

Chris Ayers- Osteology Collection Chris AyersEmail

Richard Brown- Entomology Richard BrownMSState Faculty HighlightRichard BrownEmail

Renee Clary- Dunn-Seiler Museum Renee ClaryEmail

Brian Counterman - Faculty Senate Appointee - Biological Sciences Email

Stephen Cunetto- Archives,Templeton,Stennis,Grisham,Grant Stephen CunettoEmail

Ryan Folk - Herbarium (Biological Sciences) 

Christopher Hunter - Architecture Gallery

John Guyton- Arthropod Zoo (Bug Zoo) John Guyton MSState Faculty HighlightJohn Guyton Email

Shawn Lambert - Cobb Institute of Archaeology 

Amy Moe-Hoffman,Committee Chair- Dunn-Seiler Museum Amy Moe-HoffmanEmail

Ben Nabors- College of Vet Medicine Ben NaborsEmail

Lori Neuenfeldt- Department of Art Galleries Lori NeuenfeldtMSState Faculty HighlightLori NeuenfeldtEmail

Ryan Semmes- Archives,Templeton,Stennis,Grisham,Grant Ryan SemmesMSState Faculty HighlightRyan SemmesEmail

Sarah Helen Skelton - Student Representative,Student Affairs

Cristi Stevens - Clock Museum Cristi StevensEmail

Beth Stokes- CFR – Cully Cobb Historic Tool Collection Beth StokesEmail

Angelle Tanner- Dept. of Physics and Astronomy Angelle Tanner Email